The Beast's Beloved | Podium Audio

The Bluestocking War

The Beast’s Beloved

Performed by: Jessica Bright, Rupert Channing

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 12 min

In the wilds of Scotland… A beast broods.
The Duke of Clyde has been a friend to many, but none can climb the walls around his heart. None can thaw the ice that he has wrapped his soul in. Until a bluestocking invades his castle and his life and threatens to upend everything he has ever known.
From USA Today bestselling author Eva Devon, writing as Máire Claremont, comes a brand-new series that will sweep you away to the drama and angst of Regency England. Glittering ballrooms, wild moors, and brooding lords await…



Jessica Bright

Jessica Bright (aka Danielle Cohen) is a romance narrator from England who now lives in an abandoned castle in the woods of Vermont along with her Prince Charming and two teenagers! Jessica has been performing all her life, doing impressions for her family at a very early age and reading the newspaper aloud to anyone who cared to listen! She has over 25 years of theater and television experience and has been recording audiobooks in her professional home studio since 2015. Jessica is skilled with character voices and accents, which include Lancashire, Yorkshire, Liverpool, RP English, Scottish, Cockney, West Country, Irish, General American, Australian and South African. For fun, Jessica loves to explore the many hiking trails of Vermont, kayak on the Connecticut River (in the summer), bake a good cake and play board games with her family. 



Rupert Channing

Rupert Channing is a real romantic and always in and out of love - though usually in not as dramatic a fashion as the many characters he has brought to life. A regular voice with Audible, Tantor Media, Lyric Audiobooks, Blue Nose Audio and One Night Stand Studios, Rupert has narrated over 25 romance titles. With a natural Australian and flawless British accent Rupert is also proficient in American and many European accents. Rupert lives in New York City with his Fiddle Leaf Fig and with his lover only 4 blocks away. Find him on instagram