The Beauty and the Orcs | Podium Audio

Orc Sworn

The Beauty and the Orcs

By: Finley Fenn

Performed by: James Joseph

Released: January 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 27 hr, 34 min

She was ruined by an orc. Now, his enraged ex wants to finish the job…
In a world of orcs and powerful men, Kitty Clarendon is a bubbly, beautiful woman about town—until she’s dumped by her benefactor and thrown onto the streets. As she’s drowning her sorrows, she meets… an orc.
He’s rash, reckless, and on the rebound—but his laugh is contagious, his touch warm and wicked. And for one perfect, forbidden night, he’s all Kitty’s darkest dreams come true.
But by morning, there’s only shame. Regret. The orc quickly makes his escape, abandoning Kitty to a devastating discovery. She’s been compromised. With his… orcling.
The orc never returns, and Kitty is left ill, impoverished, and hopeless. Until finally, another orc finds her. Varinn, of Clan Grisk. The first orc’s best friend. And… his very recent ex.
Varinn can’t hide his jealousy or his bitter, broken rage—but he refuses to leave Kitty behind. Soon, she’s under his stern supervision and on her way to Orc Mountain. Back to the orc who so cruelly spurned her. The orc who’s been losing his own battles and still longs for Varinn’s firm handling… and his heart.
Can Kitty bring two hostile, heartbroken orcs back together for her orcling’s sake? Or will they break her own heart, too?
_An angsty, full-length, enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance. Comes after The Governess and the Orc but can be listened to as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed._



Finley Fenn

Finley Fenn creates steamy fantasy romance tales with cranky-but-sexy men and monsters, loads of angst and drama, a dash of mystery and action, and wholehearted happily ever afters. She lives in Canada with her beloved family, including her own cranky-but-sexy husband, and her cranky-and-hungry dog. To get free bonus content, character illustrations, and news about upcoming books, sign up at



James Joseph