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Must Love Scandal

The Bluestocking Beds Her Bride

Book 4

By: Fenna Edgewood

Performed by: Mhairi Morrison

Released: May 23, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 15 min

She’s out to avenge her family…but what she finds is everlasting love.
Never weaken. Never trust. Never give away your heart.
Some call Fleur Warburton cold and hard-hearted. Even ruthless. Scarred by a traumatic past that destroyed her family, Fleur believes she has found the man ultimately responsible for her unhappy fate and is out for vengeance. But when the beautiful Lady Julia Pembroke gets in her way, Fleur is soon entangled in a scandal of a different sort. With Julia by her side, Fleur enters a world of tempestuous desires and rebellious hearts.
A carefully constructed life…
More than ten years ago, Lady Julia Pembroke was a haughty beauty with the ton at her fingertips. Now she’s an aging spinster who spends her days advocating for London’s less fortunate. To the beau monde, she seems to lead a precarious double-existence, half in and half out of good society, always plagued by those pesky rumors that she prefers women to men.
Julia stopped caring what others thought of her long ago. These days, her life is anything but dull. She has a charity society to run, a houseful of adopted children to care for, and an evil criminal organization to bring down.
Dashing women and dangerous deeds…
But when a reckless young spitfire with hair of fiery gold whose every touch is exquisite torture, every glance an enticement arrives in London from the countryside, Julia’s life suddenly becomes much, much more complicated…and much more dangerous.
From USA Today bestselling author Fenna Edgewood comes a dazzling new series that fans of Alexa Aston, Bree Wolf, Grace Callaway, and Scarlett Scott are sure to fall in love with!



Fenna Edgewood

Fenna Edgewood writes swoon-worthy humorous stories of love, family, and adventure. In other words, the most important things in life! She is an award-winning retired academic who has studied English literature for most of her life. Fenna lives above the Arctic Circle with her husband and two tiny tots (who are adorable but generally terrible research assistants).



Mhairi Morrison

Mhairi is a professional stage, screen and voice actress and is dual nationality, British and American. She was born in Scotland and has spent time on both sides of the Atlantic as well as a considerable amount of time performing in France. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA, Mhairi has narrated over 45 audiobooks for various publishers and has won an Audiofile Earphones Award for her narration of Amanda Scott’s _The Reluctant Highlander_. Mhairi is a classically trained actress, having attained her BA in acting from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire before continuing her training at Jacques Le Coq, School of Theatre, Paris. She has performed in theatres around the world and has acted extensively on television and film. Mhairi is also a mime artist and producer, having created and produced the comedy series _Feathers and Toast_, featuring her clown character, Tallulah Grace, which is currently available on Amazon Prime.  [](