The Book of Destinies | Podium Audio

The Book of Destinies

Performed by: Karen Gundersen

Released: August 01, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 25 min

Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose?
The next step in the life-changing Human Design system, The Book of Destinies presents in-depth profiles of the 192 Life Themes that encompass humanity. Based on the place, date, and time of your birth, your Life Theme reveals a remarkably detailed portrait of your true nature, allowing you the peace of knowing who you really are so you can live your life with clarity and fulfillment.
Instead of struggling to achieve unsuitable goals, you can align yourself with a deeper plan for your relationships, career, and decision-making. Many passages include a list of noted people who share that Life Theme. The culmination of the author’s twenty years of research, practice, meditation, and readings, The Book of Destinies is for anyone who has ever stopped to wonder, “What is my life purpose, and how do I realize it?”



Karen Gundersen