The Butcher of Caracas | Podium Audio

Atlas Hargrove

The Butcher of Caracas

Book 5

By: R.B. Schow

Performed by: James Way

Released: June 20, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 30 min

Venezuela’s most dangerous city is about to see the new face of crime. This part of the world is not ready for what’s coming.
A pair of teenagers are found dead with traces of cocaine, fentanyl, and adrenalized blood in their system. Two dead bodies become twenty, and twenty becomes two hundred. Soon the plague of drug-related death spreads across all of South America.
A monster is operating in the shadows, preying on the weak, promising ecstasy but delivering death. This new drug dealer has deep pockets and tremendous reach, and he is selling a sexy, dangerous new product: VK5.
When competing drug dealers hijack a shipment of human cargo coming from China, a major component in VK5, the dealer goes after the competition in ways the city of Caracas has never seen. Young lives are at stake, not just the victims of VK5, but those whose blood gives life to the drug.
When word of the violence reaches Leopold and the gang in Columbia, they take note. Then Leopold gets a call with an offer he can’t refuse. If he can put the gang back together for one more run, it will be their most dangerous operation yet. But after the mayhem in Cologne and the resulting devastation within their ranks, the team may not be up for a ferocious new war…until Alabama brings a new friend to the compound—a fun, flirty blonde girl who speaks with a hint of German in her accent and has a devilishly sweet boyfriend.



R.B. Schow



James Way