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Cavendish and Walker

The Cavendish & Walker Series: Books 7-9

Book 9

By: Sally Rigby

Performed by: Clare Corbett

Released: November 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 11 min

Books seven to nine in the gripping, fast-paced crime fiction series featuring DCI Whitney Walker and forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish.
Ritual Demise
Someone is watching…. No one is safe.
The once tranquil woods in a picturesque part of Lenchester have become the bloody stage for a series of ritualistic murders. With no suspects, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker is once again forced to call on the services of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish.
But this murderer isn’t like any they’ve faced before. The murders are highly elaborate but different in their own way, and with the clock ticking, they need to get inside the killer’s head before it’s too late.
Mortal Remains
Someone’s playing with fire…. There’s no escape.
A serial arsonist is on the loose, and as the death toll continues to mount, DCI Whitney Walker calls on forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish for help.
But Lenchester isn’t the only thing burning. There are monumental changes taking place within the police force, and there’s a chance Whitney might lose the job she loves. She has to find the killer before that happens. Before any more lives are lost.
Silent Graves
Nothing remains buried forever…
When the bodies of two teenage girls are discovered on a building site, DCI Whitney Walker knows she’s on the hunt for a killer. The problem is the murders happened in 1980, and this is her first case with the new team. What makes it even tougher is that with budgetary restrictions in place, she only has two weeks to solve it.
Once again, she enlists the help of forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish. But as she digs deeper into the past, she uncovers hidden truths that hurtle through the decades and into the present.



Sally Rigby

Sally Rigby was born in Northampton, in the UK. She has always had the travel bug, and eventually moved overseas to New Zealand. Sally’s Cavendish & Walker series brings together two headstrong, and very different, women - DCI Whitney Walker, and forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish. Sally has a background in education, and has always loved crime fiction books, films and TV programmes. She has a particular fascination with the psychology of serial killers.



Clare Corbett