The Chocolate Shop on Amelia Island | Podium Audio

Seven Sisters

The Chocolate Shop on Amelia Island

Book 5

By: Hope Holloway

Performed by: Leslie Howard

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 0 min

The saga continues with secrets, surprises, and sweet temptations…
Sadie Wingate has been keeping secrets… from her family and_ _from her brand-new husband. Once the truth is revealed, her whole world melts like a truffle in the sunshine. Can Sadie finally settle for a sweet life on Amelia Island… or will stability send her searching for the next adventure?
Raina nears her delivery date and signs the papers ending her marriage, but there’s one thing missing in her life. Despite being the fixer in her family, the only solution to her heart’s dilemma seems all wrong for this newly divorced mother of infant twins. But how can she say no?
Madeline’s one and only love reappears, and this enigmatic man turns her well-ordered life upside down, while Susannah orchestrates major changes on Wingate Way.
When the winds of change blow over the candy store on Amelia Island, the Wingate women learn over and over again that the bond between the seven sisters is as strong as steel, as soothing as a seaside breeze, and as lasting as their family legacy.



Hope Holloway

Hope Holloway is the author of charming, heartwarming women’s fiction featuring unforgettable families and friends and the emotional challenges they conquer. After a long career in marketing, she launched her women’s fiction writing career with the Coconut Key series, set on the sun-washed beaches of the Florida Keys. A mother of two adult children, Hope and her husband of thirty years live in Florida.



Leslie Howard

Living in a verdant valley in the hills of Pennsylvania on a small animal sanctuary with her family of 8, Leslie Howard has narrated over 200 audiobooks. A yoga and homeschool teacher with a creative arts and metaphysical background, she brings her empathic intelligent nature to a variety of genres.