The Dao of Magic II | Podium Audio

Dao of Magic

The Dao of Magic II

Book 2

By: Andries Louws

Performed by: Pavi Proczko

Released: December 03, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 33 min

Full pirate mode. Dungeons to explore. A quest to gather the eight skulls!
Drew has finally got it all together. First, there is his pocket dimension, a quickly growing area based around his good buddy, Tree. Then there are his students, six random kids he…liberated. Finally, there is the dragon stalking him. 
Cultivating, sailing, staying ahead of trouble. That’s his plan as he moves into the creation of his solid Core. Seducing a dragon was a total accident. Nuking an Island? Let’s not focus on the details. They started it. 
What’s the best thing to do while getting his magical career and development back on track? Play pirate, of course!



Andries Louws



Pavi Proczko

Pavi Proczko has worked as an audiobook narrator for more than 6 years. He's worked with over 45 authors, 25 publishers, to release over 100 titles, primarily in the Fantasy, Cultivation, LitRPG and Sci Fi genres. Pavi's titles have appeared on the Top 10 Fiction Audiobooks on Audible multiple times in 2022. He owns Pavitas Productions LLC, producers of audiobooks, original fiction, and performance and gaming services.