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Dao of Magic

The Dao of Magic V

Book 5

By: Andries Louws

Performed by: Pavi Proczko

Realeased: June 09, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 33 min

Impossible object to solve. Kidnapping dragons. Rebuilding a civilization. Punching a moon.

His students scattered to the four corners of the planet, Drew finally has some time to do maintenance on his own little world. The first thing he does, of course, is to get all the dragons drunk and then kidnap them. Letting them simmer in a bootcamp of draconic design in order to teach the millenia old reptiles discipline and new tricks is sure to work.

His students continue their duty of protecting their corners. They spend their time living as queens, being surrounded by a rather fuzzy harem, ruling with iron fists, or being loved by all.

People do keep finding these mysterious super heavy items, and they don’t seem to belong in this plane of existence. Also, there is the small problem of the mind controlling moon. And his draconic lover just so happens to be in danger – again.



Pavi Proczko

Pavi Proczko is an Actor, Composer, Writer, Singer, and Audiobook narrator. After 10+ years of performance experience in Chicago theater (Chicago Shakespeare Theater) and TV (Chicago Fire, NBC), he started narrating audiobooks independently. In the years since 2016, he has narrated more than 60 titles in the LitRPG, Cultivation Fantasy, and Erotic and Romantic Fiction genres. Notable series: Dao of Magic, Edens Gate, Continue Online, Sky Realms Online, Shyft 2.0, The Frost Arcana, Boystown, Immortal Swordslinger. Notable publishers: Podium Audio, Harlequin Audio (Harper Collins), Aethon Publishing, Muonic Press, Shadow Alley Press



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