The Dragon's Fake Mate | Podium Audio

Bad Dragon’s Bride

The Dragon’s Fake Mate

Book 4

By: Harlow Blaze

Performed by: Jack Calihan, Sierra Kline

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 56 min

Marrying her brutal dragon-shifter nemesis is the only way to save her friend.
Starla’s witchcraft hides a terrible secret. She’s a rare human able to have shifter children. Her magical disguise is the only thing keeping her from becoming a dragon baby factory.
Over her dead body. She has a job. Too many people need her for a stupid destiny to upend her life. There’s one problem—her fated mate.
Mars, the dragon shifter’s mercenary, is her own personal demon. Hotter than sin and a stone-cold psychopath, his obsession with her threatens to ruin everything. His presence pushes her magic to its limits. If he gets too close, he’ll figure out their connection.
But when Starla’s friend goes missing, keeping Mars away isn’t an option anymore. There’s only one way to pull off an undercover rescue mission: A fake honeymoon with the husband from hell.
The witch is hiding something. Mars doesn’t know what, but he feels it in his bones. It draws him to her no matter how much he fights, driving him to the brink of madness. He can’t eat, can’t sleep—he even risks losing his position in his clan.
Forcing Starla to marry him is an unorthodox solution, but he’s always been a problem solver. It’s damn hard to escape an interrogation while holding hands and sharing a bed.
But the more wedding rituals he drags Starla through, the harder it is to remember that she’s the cause of all his problems. Her sweet scent and feisty temper make him dream of getting his fake wife real pregnant.
Mars won’t let his strange new emotions interfere. The honeymoon isn’t ending until he gets what he wants more than anything: The truth. And revenge.
_The Dragon’s Fake Mate _is the fourth novel in the Bad Dragon’s Bride series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone—featuring its own couple, steam, and a happily ever after. However, the start of Mars and Starla’s relationship features in the previous book, The Dragon Soldier’s Mate, and listening to that first will give you more context.



Harlow Blaze



Jack Calihan



Sierra Kline

After decades of stage experience, Sierra Kline complements her storytelling expertise behind the mic with hundreds of audiobooks in diverse genres including Romance/Erotica, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery, LitRPG, and Non-Fiction. An Independent Audiobook Award finalist, her classical voice training allows her to create varied and authentic characters, while her wide-ranging education and experience help her intelligently tackle advanced topics in a number of fields. When not performing, Sierra loves adventure and seeks it out on the hiking trail or in a game of D&D