The Dragon's Soulmate Is a Mushroom Princess! Vol. 2 | Podium Audio

The Dragon’s Soulmate Is a Mushroom Princess! Vol. 2

Book 2

By: Hanami Nishine

Performed by: Diana Richardson

Released: November 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 4 min

Mushrooms Are The Key To True Love!
Agnes is an unusual young woman with peach-blossom hair and the fairy-given ability to make mushrooms sprout willy-nilly. Fortunately, she’s now in a relationship with a handsome dragon prince who’s absolutely obsessed with her mushrooms! Unfortunately, Agnes is still trying to get over the trauma of her last relationship, and it’ll take a lot of spoiling from Claude to help her!
This is the story of how, through a series of unlikely events, Agnes has found her mushroom-loving prince charming, and through much sprouting and harvesting of mushrooms, she finds out how to truly love and be loved!



Hanami Nishine



Diana Richardson