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Battle Trucker

The End of the Trucking World

Book 2

By: Tom Goldstein

Performed by: Zura Johnson

Released: July 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

It’s humans against monsters in a high-octane race for survival in the second installment of this apocalyptic pedal-to-the-metal LitRPG adventure.
Ever since the System brought magic and monstrous mayhem to Earth, long-haul trucker Jill “Junkmouth” MacLeod has had a need for speed. The highway snaking through the Midwestern plains is the battleground, and the stakes are the lives of not only Jill but thousands of survivors along for the ride. Together with Bertha, her mega-upgraded, fully-turreted, heavily-armored Soulbound big rig, Jill has the edge—so far.
The good news? For every blood-hungry abomination Jill has flattened into roadkill, she’s gained experience, levels, and loot to upgrade Bertha. The bad? It’s still a long and dangerous road to the East Coast, where her family is waiting for her. She just has to keep the pedal pressed down as they blaze their way through hordes of ever-stronger monsters and across a Midwest that is far bigger—and wilder—than it should be.
But if Jill thought the fallen city of Billings behind them had been bad, the road east is even worse. Outside of Bertha, the magic keeps growing more powerful, making everything—even the plants—deadlier and smarter. And inside, a darkness is taking root among the passengers, including those Jill counts on the most. Now Jill herself, so used to taking on the open road alone, will have to learn to lead—and maybe swear less. Maybe.
The second volume of the hit LitRPG adventure series—with more than 500,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible! 



Tom Goldstein

Tom Goldstein is a physicist-turned-writer with a critical love of classic fantasy and science fiction. He lives in Vancouver with his partner and serves his science-cat, Shiva.



Zura Johnson

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Joe Hempel, a total eighties' kid, had a fascination with an eclectic array of shows that would later shape his performances in the audiobook world—shows like Alf, Night Court, Tales from the Crypt, and WWF Superstars. For over a decade Joe honed his acting skills as a referee in professional wrestling and inspired people as a NASM certified personal trainer and endurance coach. Combined with his animated personality and a love for reading, becoming an audiobook narrator was a natural step. Best known for his captivating, rich narrations and uncanny ability for pulling listeners into an immersive experience, Joe has entertained listeners with over 500 audiobooks. He runs the breakout hit horror audiobook company Fright Night Audio and as won awards for Best Narration in Horror at the Independent Audiobook Awards in 2018, Best Horror Audiobook as a publisher in 2021, Nominated for a SOVAS in Best Thriller as a publisher in 2022 and won a SOVAS for Best Narration in an Anthology in 2022.