The Hand of the Sun King | Podium Audio

Pact and Pattern

The Hand of the Sun King

Book 1

By: J.T. Greathouse

Performed by: Jeremy Ang Jones

Released: August 10, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 22 min

Wen Alder was born into two worlds.
On his father’s side, a legacy of proud loyalty and service to the god-like Sienese Emperor spanning generations. And it is expected that Alder, too, will follow this tradition by passing the imperial exams, learning the accepted ways of magic and, if he serves with honor, enhancing his family’s prominence by rising to take a most powerful position in Sien – the Hand of the Emperor.
But from his mother he has inherited defiance from the Empire, a history of wild gods and magic unlike anything the Imperial sorcerers could yet control. It began when his spirited, rebellious grandmother took Alder into the woods and introduced him to her ways – ways he has never been able to forget.
Now, on the verge of taking the steps that will forge the path of his life, Alder discovers that the conflict between the Empire and the resistance is only the beginning of a war that will engulf both heaven and Earth, gods and man – and he may be the key to final victory for whichever side can claim him as their own….



J.T. Greathouse



Jeremy Ang Jones