The King's Conjurer | Podium Audio

The Henchmen Chronicles

The King’s Conjurer

Book 4

By: Craig Halloran

Performed by: Alexander Cendese

Released: October 29, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 29 min

Abraham never played an away game quite like this.
Having battled and defeated every adversary in his path, Abraham and the Henchmen’s bond grows stronger when a darker fate intervenes. The King demands satisfaction. The quest to complete the Crown of Stones is far from over. The eager king thrusts another mysterious Henchmen into the group, a wizard with god-like powers, but can he be trusted?
As the Henchmen resume their quest to acquire the artifacts that can save the kingdom and send Abraham back home, the enemies gain more modern firepower. Abraham must track down another otherworlder, the horned halfling Big Apple, and find the answers he seeks about the broader conspiracy.
With his consciousness drifting between home and Titanuus, he starts to unravel who controls the portals that will lead him back home. That knowledge places his friends in danger and Abraham must learn to fight his enemies in both worlds.
Now, the fate of two worlds lies in the hands of a fallen sport hero who must redeem himself and find the way home.



Craig Halloran



Alexander Cendese

Alexander Cendese is an actor and narrator. He has narrated over 500 titles available on Audible. He is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.