The Knight of Fulton Court | Podium Audio

The Essenburg Archives

The Knight of Fulton Court

Book 2

By: Emmet Moss

Performed by: Colin Mace

Released: March 19, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 43 min

Fifteen years after a bloody civil war nearly tore apart the earldom of Essenburg, Berrin Penfall finds himself at a crossroads.
A chance encounter outside the forbidding forest known as The Hollow has changed him forever. No longer enamored with his notoriety as the famous Knight of Fulton Court, he seeks something more.
Returning to his estate after a long absence, Berrin is confronted with terrifying reports that will soon alter the land he knows so well. Strange sightings of creatures out of Essenburg’s myths and legends are rampant, while residents of entire villages begin to vanish. As a result of these dire circumstances, Earl Andrew Hargraves calls upon House Penfall to champion the cause for good.
Joined by an Alenian knight, a foreign prince, and a group of newfound companions, Berrin is tasked with uncovering the mystery of the unsettling disappearances. Whispers of a hidden darkness emerging from the depths of The Hollow_ _sets the party on a deadly path with an uncertain destiny.
In this second installment of the Essenburg Archives, return to a world of brave knights, magical creatures, deadly enemies, and true evil. With a forgotten source of power returning to the realm, Berrin Penfall’s quest has only just begun.
The Knight of Fulton Court continues the new four-book fantasy saga that takes place in the world of Kal Maran, first introduced in the Shattering of Kingdoms series.



Emmet Moss



Colin Mace