The Lady and the Orc | Podium Audio

Orc Sworn

The Lady and the Orc

By: Finley Fenn

Performed by: Shane East

Released: July 19, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 21 min

He’s the most feared monster in the realm. And she’s what he needs to win his war…
In a world of warring orcs and men, Lady Norr is condemned to a childless marriage, a cruel lord husband, and a life of genteel poverty—until the day her home is ransacked by a horde. Leading the charge is their hulking, deadly orc captain: the infamous Grimarr.
Grimarr has a wicked plan for Lady Norr, and for ending this war once and for all. She’s going to become his captive, and the perfect snare for Lord Norr.
There’s no possible escape, and soon Lady Norr is dragged off toward Orc Mountain in the powerful arms of her greatest enemy. A ruthless, commanding warlord, with a velvet voice and mouthwatering scent, who awakens every forbidden hunger she never knew she had.
But Grimarr refuses to accept half measures—in war, or in pleasure. And before he’ll conquer Lady Norr’s deepest, darkest desires, she needs to surrender everything.
Her allegiance.
Her wedding-ring.
Her future.
And with her husband’s forces giving chase, Lady Norr can’t afford to play such a dangerous game—or can she? Even if this deadly orc’s plans might be the only way to save them all…
The Lady and the Orc is a dark, steamy, full-length standalone fantasy romance for adults. Happily ever after guaranteed.



Finley Fenn

Finley Fenn creates steamy fantasy romance tales with cranky-but-sexy men and monsters, loads of angst and drama, a dash of mystery and action, and wholehearted happily ever afters. She lives in Canada with her beloved family, including her own cranky-but-sexy husband, and her cranky-and-hungry dog. To get free bonus content, character illustrations, and news about upcoming books, sign up at



Shane East