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Trickster’s Song

The Living Dungeon: A LitRPG Portal Fantasy

Book 2

By: Tom O'Bedlam

Performed by: Will M. Watt

Released: May 02, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 34 min

On a magical mystery tour of a fantasy world, a young adventurer searches for the connection between his mystical abilities and a vanished trickster god. 
Experimenting with magic on Earth, Robin suddenly found himself in a fantastical realm of mythical creatures, sword-wielding warriors, and powerful deities. Now, transformed into a shadeling in possession of illusion-casting talent—supposedly granted by the missing god of mischief, Rhyth—he’s been tasked with finding out what became of his benefactor.
But seeking out once-worshipped beings doesn’t pay the bills, even in fantasyland. So Robin joins the Noviel Adventurers Guild to embark on quests for treasure. And when he’s not out gallivanting for fortunes, he entertains locals as a bard in his as-yet-to-be-named tavern that he’s considering calling the Veil and Votive.
Robin’s first mission for the guildmagister is to enter a living dungeon beneath the city of Noviel and retrieve the Eye of Na’Vec, a jewel of incalculable power. Unwilling and unable to venture into the undercity alone, he recruits an adventuring party consisting of an ill-tempered knight, a pair of rogues from Noviel’s criminal underworld, and a mysterious diviner with knowledge of Rhyth.
Descending into a maze of tunnels and caverns, the mistrustful band must learn to work together if they’re to survive encounters with the monstrous shapeshifters and shadows guarding the prized and priceless artifacts. And that’s when Robin discovers he can communicate with the living dungeon, which is actually an illusionist possibly empowered by Rhyth—and may be connected to Robin’s past . . .
The second volume of the hit LitRPG adventure series—with more than 800,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!



Tom O'Bedlam

Tom O’Bedlam is the author of Trickster’s Song. His writing is a madcap mixture of bad jokes, obscure references, and music of all kinds from pop to metal to traditional ballads, all tied up with a deep and abiding love of table­top role-playing games. He should know better, but he doesn’t. O’Bedlam lives in London, has more adventures than he should but less than he would like, and never turns down a pint of cider in a cozy pub. You can find him and more of his work on Patreon at



Will M. Watt