The Martyr of Nogales | Podium Audio

Atlas Hargrove

The Martyr of Nogales

Book 6

By: R.B. Schow

Performed by: James Way

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 0 min

A shocking death. A horrified border town. Blood is in the water for Atlas and Kiera.
Perpetually on edge and compelled to protect the innocent, Atlas is lured out of hiding and pitched into a familiar hellscape—one where his brand of justice is not only appropriate, it’s required.
Kiera, born into slavery but skilled in the art of violence and intrigue, secures her first contract, then charges with Atlas headlong into a murderous well of deceit, human suffering, and the shifting tides of power.
What was to be a simple job of shuttering a local stash house becomes a breathless fight to save lives. With law enforcement out of their depth and the feds running a parallel operation, Atlas and Kiera are mired in conspiracy and left with no choice but to unleash a tsunami of bloody retribution on the cartels and traffickers.
Can Atlas and Kiera cull the spasm of cartel violence now plaguing Nogales, or will they become the next victims in a never-ending cycle of savagery? One thing is for certain: those preying upon the innocent will suffer the weight of their sins—and Atlas Hargrove’s wrath.
_The Martyr of Nogales _is the explosive sixth installment of the bestselling Atlas Hargrove series. Intended for mature listeners.



R.B. Schow



James Way