The Masks and the Dancer | Podium Audio

Their Obsession

The Masks and the Dancer

Book 2

By: Bea Paige

Performed by: Gregory Salinas, Zara Hampton-Brown

Released: June 28, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 15 hr, 43 min

The Masks
We kidnapped her. She was our revenge. She fought against our darkest desires. She shone a light on our pitch black souls.

She became our mirror. She made us see.

And what do monsters do when they stare at their reflection? They break the fu*king glass.

The Dancer
They kidnapped me. I was their vengeance. They used and abused me, they degraded and humiliated me.

But I fought back.

I held up the mirror. I made them see. Only for them to shatter it into a million pieces. And what does a girl like me do to the men who break her?

She cuts the b*stards and makes them feel.

This is dark captive/kidnap reverse harem romance, which contains graphic sex scenes, non-con and dub-con, violence, and other subject matter that some may find triggering. This story will have a HEA, but of course it will be hard won.



Bea Paige

Bea loves to write about love and all the different facets of such a powerful emotion. When she's not writing about love and passion, you'll find her reading about it and ugly crying.



Gregory Salinas



Zara Hampton-Brown