The Muse | Podium Audio

Angels and Demons

The Muse

Book 2

By: Emma Scott

Released: October 17, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 48 min

Cole Matheson didn’t think the road to being a successful painter would be paved in gold, but he hoped there’d be fewer potholes.
Insidious self-doubt that whispers that he’s no good, talentless, and hopeless has him on the brink of despair. Maybe it would be better to just give up. A midnight visitation by a beautiful creature of darkness changes everything…
Ambrosius Edward Meade-Finch surrendered to darkness centuries ago after knowing only pain and suffering during his short life. Now, Ambri makes humans dance on his strings, feeding on their desire for his own pleasure.
When his liege lord questions his loyalty and commands him to bring a human soul into their dark realm, Ambri thinks Cole Matheson seems like an easy mark. But Ambri didn’t count on his goodness or the depth of his generous soul that wants Ambri just as he is. Cole never expected to find in Ambri a muse who unlocks his talent and might also be who his lonely heart has been searching for. Something fragile yet powerful grows between them, and the possibility of soul-deep love hangs in the balance—if only they have the courage to reach for it.
Fairy tale endings don’t come without a price. The dark forces Ambri answers to have been promised a soul, and they’re coming to collect…
From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Emma Scott comes an emotional, paranormal love story of sacrifice, redemption, and the power of love over darkness.
_The Muse _is book two in the Angels and Demons series but can be enjoyed as a complete standalone.



Emma Scott