The Omega Verse | Podium Audio

Billionaires in Heat

The Omega Verse

Book 3

By: Roxy Collins

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 45 min

Every famous love song has been written by an alpha for an omega.
As a beta, I’ve never expected to be anyone’s muse. I’m happy to stick in the background—and with a past like mine, it’s simply safer avoiding the spotlight.
That changes the day I learn my long-lost brother is Stix Rain, the drummer for one of the biggest rock bands in the world. We lost touch when we went into foster care. He ran away, I stayed, and I still carry the scars from growing up alone.
I have so many questions for him—until I discover he died three months ago.
I’m desperate to know more about him, but my only chance to meet his bandmates is at his tribute concert. The same concert where I get rained on, mugged, and the lead singer accused me of being a tragedy-chasing groupie.
But earning the trust of a bunch of moody, grieving rockstars isn’t my biggest problem. Because I’m suddenly triggered by a switch, and my hidden omega nature takes over, hungry for knots, bites, and a pack of my own. Now I’m on a tour bus in the middle of nowhere, and I’m hot and needy for my brother’s best friends.
Helping me through my first-ever omega heat is just the start of it. Because someone is trying to destroy the band, and I now have an impossible choice to make. I can either sacrifice my brother’s legacy or walk away from the only pack I’ve ever wanted.
The Omega Verse is a standalone in the Billionaires in Heat series.



Roxy Collins

Roxy Collins is a paranormal romance writer who likes to give all species, genders, body forms, and mental states their HEA. Her books are far more interesting than her personality, so go check them out!