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The Outrageous Exploits of Jerrell Landish

The Outrageous Exploits of Jerrell Landish

Book 3

By: Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Performed by: John Pirhalla

Released: March 26, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 18 hr, 43 min

Contains books 1–3 of The Outrageous Exploits of Jerrell Landish series.
Book 1, Wizardom Legends: Thief for Hire
Daring heists. Clever schemes. Snarky quips in the face of danger.
Meet Jerrell Landish: A thief, a con artist, and an utter rogue. Clever, inventive, and skilled, he executes plots that astound his patrons and confound his enemies.
When Jerrell hires out his services, he soon discovers that the schemes of ambitious wizards involve risks any sane person would avoid. Well, this thief is just crazy enough to manipulate the ruling wizard class against one another…until he finds himself the victim of even greater machinations.
Follow this quick-witted young man’s rise to fame as the greatest thief in the Eight Wizardoms.
Book 2, Wizardom Legends: Trickster for Hire
A quick-witted thief aspires for fame and fortune… if he can survive the schemes of the ruling class.
After foiling an assassination attempt, Jerrell conducts a masterful piece of sleuthing to identify and capture the culprit. His actions earned him an office at the vaunted Marquithe Bureau of Trading, where he can promote his services to Farrowen’s aristocracy. Wealth and fame await him.
His first client offers a vast sum for the retrieval of an item of power. Unfortunately, the item is already the prize of a mighty and influential wizard. Unfazed by such a challenge, Jerrell embarks for Lionne with an outlandish scheme in mind.
If only he grasped the gravity of his quest.
Book 3, Wizardom Legends: Charlatan for Hire
A powerful crime lord. A mighty wizard. A nefarious scheme designed to snare the one thief willing to challenge them.
A new crime lord has risen, claiming control of Marquithe’s underbelly. Ruthless and powerful, this man demands Jerrell join his ranks. Jerrell refuses, preferring his independence, but soon realizes he cannot face the entire thieves guild on his own.
With a gorgeous and conniving partner at his side, he acquires a new client willing to pay an outrageous sum if he can execute the impossible: steal a ton of silver from a mine controlled by a powerful wizard and guarded by an army of soldiers.
Action, intrigue, and betrayal await in this outlandish conclusion to Jerrell’s solo adventures.



Jeffrey L. Kohanek

I am a storyteller at heart, driven by the need to create and by the characters who live in my head. I truly adore my readers and am blessed to earn money by telling stories. While I currently near the beaches of Southern California, I grew up in the woods of Northern MN and embarked on numerous Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer childhood adventures. Raised on comic books and fantasy epics, I now weave adventures of for others to enjoy within the pages of my books.



John Pirhalla

John has narrated over 280 audiobooks. Although he is a true genre-hopper, John specializes in Fantasy, Science Fiction and Thriller/Suspense. John's versatile array of character voices and skill with accents is on display with all of his work and helps make new worlds come alive to the listener. He is deft at delivering humorous and sarcastic dialogue, and equally adept at narrating scenes of romance. John has narrated over 80 fantasy titles, including most of DK(Dan) Holmberg's fantasy library. John won the 2022 Gold Medal for Best Fiction Audiobook at the Reader's Favorite Awards for His Ragged Company, an apocalyptic fantasy. He is a finalist for this year's Indie Ink Awards to be announced in 2023. He was also a finalist in the fantasy category for the 2021 Independent Audiobook Awards.