The Preacher | Podium Audio

The Preacher Series

The Preacher

Book 1

By: Nathan Burrows

Performed by: Bradford Hastings

Released: February 13, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 42 min

Who is The Preacher?
Dawn. The English Channel. A small boat arrives crammed with exhausted migrants, not all of whom will make land.
Some of the shattered occupants have already paid for their journeys. Others have arrived with a debt still to be paid. One of the migrants isn’t fleeing anything. He’s not from Europe, or Africa, or the East. He’s from Texas, and he’s wearing a robe.
When the traffickers take some of their passengers to pay for their journey, they also take the man in the robe. That was their first mistake.
As the full horror of how the debt is to be repaid emerges, so does the gang’s second mistake.
The man in the robe is much more than a preacher.
And this isn’t his first rodeo.



Nathan Burrows

Nathan Burrows is a writer based in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. Primarily a thriller writer, Nathan's books are based (mostly) in Norfolk. He enjoys writing character based books where the people in them are the most important things. Nathan's a keen reader as well as a writer. He occasionally runs marathons, has a Norwich City football club season ticket, and is the proud part-owner of a Daschund puppy called Bertie.



Bradford Hastings