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The Pucking Wrong Series

The Pucking Wrong Date

Book 3

By: C.R. Jane

Released: April 16, 2024

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 18 min

Walker Davis is going to ruin me…but for once, it might be worth it.
I’m a pariah, an outcast, and my life is not my own.
I went to that hockey game hoping for an escape and found one in him.
They call Walker Davis “Disney” for a reason, because the superstar goalie is the “Prince Charming” of every girl’s dreams.
He told me he understood I just wanted one perfect night…
But now he’s everywhere I go.
He seems to know everything about me.
He keeps saying I’m the one.
And he’s trying to change my last name.
He’s crazy…
wrong date can never be a happily ever after though…right?
*Note: Walker Davis is a morally grey antihero who is obsessed with his girl and will do anything to keep her. This is a darker hockey romance.

The Pucking Wrong Date is a hockey romance standalone from USA Today and International Bestselling Author C.R. Jane.



C.R. Jane

C.R. Jane is a USA Today–bestselling author of romance, fantasy, and whatever else she feels like writing. Her stories are designed to make readers cry, scream, and eventually . . . swoon. Welcome to her world, where heartbreak and happy endings rule.