The Restoration of Flaws | Podium Audio

The Phantom of the Earth

The Restoration of Flaws

Book 5

By: Raeden Zen

Performed by: John Lee

Released: May 21, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 49 min

With the Liberation Front scattered in the East and much of the Leadership deceased or in custody, the situation for Jeremiah and Lady Verena is dire.
Captain Broden Barão has been exiled to the Lower Level, while Supreme Scientist Heywood Querice reluctantly accepts Antosha’s new strike team, which will execute the commonwealth’s most daring mission ever. Antosha’s new protégé, Champion Oriana Barão, fights her way through time and space to discover the truth about her family, Reassortment, and its cure.
The actions of the few will determine the fate of the many in The Restoration of Flaws, the explosive fifth book of the Phantom Saga!



Raeden Zen



John Lee