The Richard Jackson Saga: Volume VII | Podium Audio

The Richard Jackson Saga

The Richard Jackson Saga: Volume VII

Book 14

By: Ed Nelson

Performed by: Fred Berman

Released: March 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 39 min

Contains books 13 and 14 of the Richard Jackson Saga, a coming-of-age adventure series.
Regicide, book 13
Rick is running into serious problems as he nears full adulthood; danger, fame, and adventure come his way as he stays close to the Chinese Imperial Family. His actions have caused a change in history as we know it. Not all actions result in good outcomes, as he is learning. While trying to protect the Imperial family, his company continues to grow. The new research division makes a breakthrough in placing transistors on silicon chips. Then, his new space division takes off.
What’s Under, Down Under, book 14
Rick is exploring both Australia and Space. Danger, fame and fortune, and adventure seem to be his lot in life. A girlfriend, not so much. His actions have caused a change in history as we know it. His decision to start a cattle station in Australia has far reaching consequences. Computer breakthroughs continue. The space division gets ready to journey to the moon.
This tongue-in-cheek saga is all true, give or take a lie or two.



Ed Nelson

Retired from fifty years in the field of quality, Ed has taken up writing to keep his mind active, and to laugh at his own poor jokes. As a father of three, grandfather of eight, and great grandfather of soon to be three, and fifty six years of marriage he has many a bad joke.



Fred Berman