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Royal Marine Space Commandos

The Royal Marine Space Commandos: Publisher’s Pack 3

Book 6

Performed by: A.W. Dickson

Released: February 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 54 min

This publisher’s pack contains Dreadnought (book five) and Fleet (book six), the next two books in the Royal Marine Space Commando series
Dreadnought (book five):
Dreadnought; a museum piece in the frontline of an interstellar war. Lieutenant Commander Cohen has been given command of a relic, an orbital museum pressed back into service by a desperate Royal Navy.  After a hasty refit, he takes Dreadnought on a rescue mission deep into enemy territory to retrieve an admiral taken hostage by the Deathless. If the interrogators break Admiral Morgan before Cohen can reach him, the Deathless will gain a wealth of classified intelligence and an unbeatable advantage in the war. But the odds are against them. Will Dreadnought survive the voyage? Can Cohen find the admiral before he talks? Will Captain Warden and his Marines be able to rescue the hostage?
Fleet (book six):
Hunted by a superior foe out for revenge, can Dreadnought survive? Commodore Cohen wants to use his new fleet to cripple the Koschite Republic’s war effort, by destroying their enormous shipyard at U-235. But after Admiral Morgan lost two fleets to Deathless ambushes, the Royal Navy can’t risk another failed attack. When Dreadnought is sent to investigate Deathless asteroid mining facilities, Admiral Tomsk recognises his chance to deal a crippling blow to the Royal Navy and also take his revenge on the man he sees as his nemesis. With a brand new flagship, Tomsk pursues Cohen, convinced that he will sink his battleship and have his vengeance. Will Tomsk get his wish, or will Cohen find a way to overcome him once more? Can Captain Warden and the Marines gather intelligence that will reveal the Deathless plans?



A.W. Dickson