The Sacrifices We Make | Podium Audio

Maven of Mayhem

The Sacrifices We Make

Book 2

By: Mila Sin

Performed by: Kelsey Navarro

Released: April 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 27 min

A funeral, a murder, and a wedding. A King sits at the head of the table, but it’s time for a Queen to take over.
After all, everyone knows she’s the most powerful on the board. All sides are laying their pieces on the playing field, making alliances, and maneuvering pawns into place when a new player slinks out from the shadows to join the game. Let’s just hope our new allies know how to play. The only question is, what am I willing to lose to get what I want? Is there a price too high? Because to take a King, everyone must make sacrifices.
The Sacrifices We Make is a full-length reverse harem novel with MM elements and is the second in the Maven of Mayhem Series. Please be advised there are graphic scenes of violence and sex that may offend some listeners.



Mila Sin

Mila is a coffee addict, bookworm, and all-around awkward woman with absolutely zero chill. She lives vicariously through her characters so she doesn't end up in prison. When she's not imagining murder scenarios for her books, Mila teaches English as a second language and lives in a quaint town on the Croatian coast.



Kelsey Navarro

Kelsey Navarro is a SAG-AFTRA, Award Nominated Audiobook Narrator. She went to college for film production and instead of behind the camera, ended up behind the mic.  Being an epic book nerd all her life, this was the perfect marriage of everything she’s passionate about.  Prior to becoming a full time actor, she was a management professional for a decade. This dynamic life experience adds depth and understanding to her narration.