The Secret Refuge | Podium Audio

Path of the Ranger

The Secret Refuge

Book 5

By: Pedro Urvi

Performed by: John Banks

Released: June 15, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 48 min

Only the best have access to the Elite Specializations of the Rangers. Will the Snow Panthers make it?
The war goes on in Norghana. The East supports the new King, while the West supports Arnold Olafstone, the legitimate heir to the crown. In the North the Wild of the Ice claim their lands. In the midst of the war, Lasgol and his teammates have graduated as Rangers. 
They must decide whether to take the Specialization Test. If they do, and pass it, they will have access to training as Specialist Rangers and be able to opt for one of the elite specializations. For this they will need to go to a hidden, secret place: The Shelter. It is rumored to be somewhere special, secret and arcane. 
Will Lasgol take the Specialization Test? Will he pass it? Will his friends? Who will make it and who will not? What new adventures are waiting for them at the Shelter?



Pedro Urvi



John Banks