The Seeds That Were Sown | Podium Audio

The Seeds That Were Sown

By: Evan Currie

Performed by: David de Vries

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 23 min

Three decades ago, a colossal Empire unleashed its wrath upon a single world—Earth.
Their intent was complete annihilation. However, when the dust cleared, the people of Earth were instead scattered to the stars, their home now a frozen waste at the center of a fortress system that none dared approach.
Now, Earth’s survivors are spread far and wide. Most lost to the stars, but some remained close to their enemy, waiting for a chance to finish the war on their own terms.
For the Empire, the sins of the past are converging. The seeds are sown… and Harvest is coming.
In this riveting tale of survival, hope, and destiny, journey with the scattered children of Earth as they navigate a universe fraught with unpredictability. What will the harvest yield? Only time will tell.



Evan Currie



David de Vries