The Shadow Isle | Podium Audio

The Shadow Isle

Book 1

By: A.E. Rayne

Performed by: Caren Naess

Released: May 07, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 1 min

Jael Furyck is a warrior queen, fighting to save her family since she was ten years old. But what happens when she is taken prisoner and cannot fight at all?
Reunited with her husband after an epic battle in Alekka, Jael wants nothing more than to return to her island kingdom and start again. She first heads to Andala to pick up her children, only to have her plans upended by a dream revealing a horrifying future: her brothers dead, her daughter, even herself—all of the Furycks gone.
She seeks urgent advice from her grandmother—a better dreamer than she will ever be—soon discovering that she has mysteriously disappeared in Tuura.
As her dreams quickly become a nightmare threatening her entire family, Jael does what she knows best—she fights. Until she is caught in the web of danger and intrigue herself, torn away from everything she knows, from everyone she loves…
The Shadow Isle is the first book in the Fate of the Furycks series. Perfect for fans of action-packed epic fantasy, it weaves mysterious threads around epic battles, warring kingdoms, magical dreamers, and dangerous enemies intent on revenge. This series is set in the same world as the bestselling fantasy series, The Furyck Saga, but can be enjoyed independently. Intended for mature listeners.



A.E. Rayne



Caren Naess

I am the bookworm daughter of an American father and a Norwegian mother, who grew up in Bahrain and Dubai going to a British school. I spent summers in Norway, and speak Norwegian almost fluently. We moved to Wisconsin for high school, and with the desperation of any teenager, I worked hard to fit in by losing that English accent. Moving all over the midwest after a BA in theatre, I began in acting in Chicago where I also co-founded a storefront theatre company. Then Ohio, where I continued acting, and designed, taught, and directed in the theatre department at Antioch College. After Yellow Springs, we moved to Dublin, Ireland where I taught improv to kids at the local community center. Next was London, and I retrained and began teaching English as a second language. It was in Washington DC that I discovered audiobook narration, and all my careers came together!  Now we’re back in London, which feels like home. A cultural mutt, whose love of language, words, and books began in childhood, led to a facility with accents, and shaped several careers. Perhaps this is why I’m drawn to memoir, coming of age, and origin stories of all genres. I am dedicated to bringing each book to life with authenticity and true to the author’s vision.