The Signal 3 | Podium Audio

The Stolen Future

The Signal 3

Book 3

By: Joshua T. Calvert

Performed by: Phil Thron

Released: November 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 33 min

June’s mission was successful, but at what cost?
A year after destroying the wormhole generator in France and thus blocking the way to Earth for an allied AI, she lives with AcesAzrael in Switzerland. She fights alongside the last free humans against the approaching Forum and its unstoppable troops.
There is still no trace of Janika, but when the Swiss make a dangerous plan shortly before their final defeat, there is only one hope for June and Ace: to find Janika and uncover the secret of a new, mysterious place in the metaworld.
The Black Fortress is a phenomenon you can find your way into, but never out of. It is the only way out for the future of mankind and at the same time could be its downfall…



Joshua T. Calvert

Joshua T. Calvert has traveled the world—on foot, by Jeep, by bicycle, by motorcycle, and lots of other ways besides. As you might imagine, he’s seen many things most people never see – including an Iranian prison cell, from the inside! In Kyrgyzstan, he fared slightly better, narrowly avoiding being kidnapped for ransom. Skydiver, scuba diver, martial artist, adventurer – his goal is to experience everything possible, and then make it real to you in his books. And he’s made a good run of it so far: in the Philippines, he did police training on multiple types of firearms (despite being no fan of guns himself); dove in Asian waters among sharks and shipwrecks; and patrolled with Sumatran jungle rangers. That’s what defines Calvert’s approach to method writing: pushing himself beyond his own limits, to experience first-hand what his characters experience, to make your immersion in his stories as deep as it can be. For Ganymede Rises, after a slight detour with some smugglers in the deserts of Uzbekistan and the steppes of Mongolia, he traveled by dogsled and snowshoe to the Arctic Circle to experience first-hand what it’s like to be utterly isolated in the coldest place on Earth. For his book The Fossil, he sat with professional pilots in flight simulators for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft to learn what it’s like to fly a passenger jet. His latest adventure: a parabolic flight with European Space Agency astronauts, to experience zero-gravity. All so he can describe it to you, in his own words.



Phil Thron