The Step Bro Situation | Podium Audio

The Situationship Series

The Step Bro Situation

Book 1

By: Jesse H Reign

Performed by: Liam DiCosimo

Released: October 17, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

It’s official: my step bro is the biggest himbo ever to himbo.
He’s a massive blond beefcake with a soft heart and an over-eager smile. The mere sight of him incites a shaking hot rage in me.
He’s everywhere. He’s around me all the time. So sweet and gentle that it makes me feel wild. I see him and smell him everywhere. When I can’t see him or smell him, I hear him. The wall between our bedrooms is paper thin. I can’t help it—I hear what he does in his room when he thinks he’s alone. I hear everything.
I know I shouldn’t do it. It’s obviously a terrible, terrible idea. Still, I bide my time. I wait, and I wait, and finally, I pounce.
“Luke! I know what you’re doing in there.”



Jesse H Reign



Liam DiCosimo

_Liam DiCosimo, a modern seanachaí, or Irish Folk storyteller, who were renowned for their expansive repertoires, captivating voices, and commanding presence, the tales of the seanachaí were passed from one practitioner to another without ever being written down, allowing the storyteller to relive the story in their own words and immerse their audience in the adventure. Having parlayed his skills as a recording artist, touring musician, songwriter, performer and entertainer, Liam began work as a voice over actor and audiobook narrator in 2020, finding his true love and passion in the pages of literature just waiting to be brought to life. Whether it's mystery, suspense, or your latest M/M romance, Liam will articulate your story into the annals of audio history as an American storyteller with an Irish soul._