The Undersands | Podium Audio

Enora Unleashed

The Undersands

Book 1

Performed by: Sierra Kline

Released: June 28, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 46 min

Launch day has finally arrived, and Kyra Bishop is chomping at the bit to step into what has been touted as the most realistic VMMORPG of all time.

But when events unfold in a way she never expected, Kyra is thrust into more than just a game, she finds herself trapped in a new life.
An avid climber and athlete in the outside world, If she wants to survive, Kyra will have to unleash all her real-life skills on a violent virtual realm filled with creatures—and players—who long to kill her.
The Enoraverse expands with a new offering from the author of the Enora Online and the Enora Fireborne LitRPG series, Arlo Adams.



Sierra Kline

After decades of stage experience, Sierra Kline complements her storytelling expertise behind the mic with hundreds of audiobooks in diverse genres including Romance/Erotica, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery, LitRPG, and Non-Fiction. An Independent Audiobook Award finalist, her classical voice training allows her to create varied and authentic characters, while her wide-ranging education and experience help her intelligently tackle advanced topics in a number of fields. When not performing, Sierra loves adventure and seeks it out on the hiking trail or in a game of D&D