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Situation Sports Rom Com

The Waking Up Married Situation

Book 2

By: London Casey

Performed by: Eric Rolon, Kylie Stewart

Released: February 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 20 min

So I woke up married today. For some that’s not a big deal.
For me…I have no idea who the woman is. Don’t get me wrong— her killer curves, big smile, and way-to-eager-to-be-married-to-me attitude is kind of attractive.
But this isn’t me.
I’m the guy on the team who makes sure this kind of crap doesn’t happen. There’s one choice: end the marriage. Pronto.
I’m going under the knife for shoulder surgery and my plan is to wake up with a new shoulder and be a single man.
I couldn’t be any more wrong if I tried…

It’s the same cliché thing I’ve heard for years: "why can’t you be more like your sister?"
So on my sister’s wedding night I just so happen to meet the tallest, biggest, strong man ever.
He’s the best man at a different wedding.
I’m not sure if sparks were flying, but the drinks were flowing, and we ended up getting married.
I already know it’s coming when he says we need to end the marriage. Of course that’s the logical thing to do.
We’re strangers. We have separate lives. It was an emotional decision by both of us. All I have to do is sign the papers and move on. Right? Well…
What kind of wife would I be if I wasn’t there when my husband wakes up from his shoulder surgery? What kind of wife would I be if I wasn’t there for him as he went through his physical rehab so he could get back on the ice as the sexy grumpy hockey player that he’s rumored to be?
Yeah, he might be a little mad at me now. But those feelings will pass. As far as actually falling in love?
Let’s just say…Remi knows what do with his big stick: on and off the ice.



London Casey



Eric Rolon



Kylie Stewart

Kylie Stewart has always loved the stage and reading. When she learned she could combine the two, her career took off. Reading more than 300 audio books in her six-year career, she quickly became a steady voice in the audiobook industry across genres. She jokes she’s booked more for her British accent than her American voice. When not bringing books to life, she lends her voice to various English dubbed Anime, video games, and commercials.