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The Henchmen Chronicles

Then King’s Enemies

Book 5

By: Craig Halloran

Performed by: Alexander Cendese

Released: November 26, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 58 min

In the final inning, Abraham must shut the enemy out or die.
The invasion begins with an enemy the likes the people of Titanuus have never imagined. Armed with modern weaponry, diabolical forces muster at the Kingsland border wall, while savage barbarian forces called the Gond secretly lay siege upon the House of Steel.
With the Crown of Stones incomplete and the king slipping into madness, more treachery bears fruit as former alliances are broken and old enemies rise again.
Outgunned and overmatched, Abraham Jenkins must use his wits and sword to bring the enemy down before the curtain closes and he is trapped dead or alive in Titanuus forever.
Don’t miss the gripping final conclusion of the Henchmen Chronicles! Perfect for fans of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, King’s of the Wyld, the Magic Kingdom of Landover, and the Black Company.



Craig Halloran



Alexander Cendese

Alexander Cendese is an actor and narrator. He has narrated over 500 titles available on Audible. He is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.