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Third Apocalypse Omnibus

Book 3

Released: June 04, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 23 hr, 33 min

Contains books 13 of the Regressor series.
Third Apocalypse: Volume 1
Decades ago, the world was changed by the arrival of the system.
One day, monsters spawned across the world, gateways to dungeons appeared everywhere, and the blue screens heralded the end of days. The apocalypse. The ruin of the world.
Amongst the ruins of the world, they survive: the players, those granted power by the system and led by the 2nd regressor, the King of the Crows.
He who mastered the system, learned the truth of the apocalypse, and seized the keys of absolute authority. But even a King cannot stop the fall of mankind.
No power is absolute. An end is eventual. The final calamity and coming of disaster.
To fight against the overwhelming power of a mad god, the mark of the regressor will be passed on.
Jax Nolan is picked as the successor, the man destined to go back to the beginning. Back to the start of the apocalypse and the advent of the system… and become the hero of the story.
Third Apocalypse: Volume 2
To change a changed future, he’ll have to carve a new path.
Jax Nolan is the Third Regressor, a servant of the King of Crows. A friend. A comrade. The one who survived the last battle.
He’ll need to become something else to change the ending of the story. Something more than just a sword, more than a soldier. He must become a support without equal.
He’s not alone. He has allies. But he must go to a place where his allies cannot follow.
Third Apocalypse: Volume 3
The timeline has diverged. Things are changing.
Jax Nolan bears the Mark of the Regressor and wields Regressors’ Key. His mission, his duty: to change an already changed future.
But something has gone wrong. Questions and missing comrades have brought him to the Dungeon of the Deepest Realm.
Familiar paths tread towards uncertain destinations as Jax searches for the hidden path into the Underrealm and readies himself for the ascension promised by the great spirit, Amarath. He’ll need it if he’s to free his friends and take back the power that was promised.
With every choice, he alters the fabric of reality, unlocking new possibilities for the world and himself. As the shadows of an ancient enemy loom closer, will Jax’s newfound power be enough to protect the future he quests for? Even as timelines converge and elder gods conspire, Jax must navigate the treacherous landscape of his own past and forge a new path to save humanity.