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Realm of Monsters

This Wicked Bond

By: Amanda Aggie

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 12 hr, 13 min

Calamity plans to kill the ruthless King of Monsters.
Held prisoner since birth and used for her ability to give and take life with a single touch, Calamity yearns to see outside the dungeon walls. When the plan to kill her father goes south, a friend helps her flee into a monster-ridden world, and she’s thrust into the arms of a rebel thief.
Loric owes a life debt—one he’s being blackmailed to repay by getting Calamity out of the kingdom alive_. _She’s the daughter of his mortal enemy, the spawn of the cruel king he despises for murdering his twin sister. Worse yet, he’s a criminal in these lands, and getting caught in Solarian territory could cost him and his friends their lives.
Despite being polar opposites and being born into two families that have shed enough blood between them to paint the sea red, some magical force seems to draw them together. Suddenly, there’s more at stake than losing their lives, but their hearts too.
Inspired by Robin Hood and Rapunzel, This Wicked Bond puts a refreshing, unique spin on beloved tropes such as the villain gets the girl, only one bed, enemies to lovers, and fated mates. It’s told in first-person, present tense from both Loric and Calamity’s perspective.
This new adult romantasy, featuring a morally gray dragon shifter and a strong female heroine, is perfect for fans of the ACOTAR series, Carissa Broadbent, Clare Sager, KF Breene, LJ Andrews, and those who love steamy fairy tale retellings. If you have a soft spot for broody, winged bad boys with wicked smirks, get ready for this slow-burn fantasy romance!



Amanda Aggie

Best known for her #1 Amazon bestselling series, Dark Halos, Amanda Aggie has many titles. She's a non-recovering caffeine addict, a wife, a mother to two beautiful tiny humans, and lives in SW Missouri. She writes choking hazard, fantasy romance that'll have you laughing out loud, swooning, and biting your nails all in one sitting.   Before becoming an author, she served four years in the U.S. Navy, where she worked on helicopters while getting her master’s degree in Virology. Obviously, she can't sit still for long, which she thanks ADHD for, but one thing has always been consistent. Her love for books.   Now, she can be found nursing her caffeine addiction while typing away on her computer, and likely laughing a bit too hard at corny puns.