Ursa Major | Podium Audio


Ursa Major

Book 2

By: Casey E. Berger

Performed by: Megan Tusing

Released: October 12, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 36 min

The galaxy is at a breaking point. A resistance is dawning.
Captain Jaya Mill and her band of rebels have been on the run for a year, their following growing in the beleaguered outer colonies. But every encounter with the Union Navy leaves them licking their wounds, as the Union amasses a horde of enhanced marines. Tynan rushes to find the key to disrupting the virus that bestows superior abilities to the Union’s chosen soldiers, but he fears Jaya will become a casualty of their own weapon.
Meanwhile, Mara has returned to her people, attempting to bring some relief to the suffering nareian underclasses even as the empress and her rivals try to draw Mara into their scheming. When a young politician begins to agitate for democracy in the empire, an unlikely alliance begins…but it may be too late to transform Narei without total collapse.
And back on Argos, Luka is working undercover to infiltrate the Union Navy, until his identity is revealed. He abandons his life on Argos and searches for Jaya, seeking to unite the two prongs of the resistance.
He’s not the only one looking for her among the stars. Augustus has a score to settle. But so does Jaya.



Casey E. Berger



Megan Tusing

Aure has always had a way with words… From a very young age, Aure loved listening to the radio, and watching TV and movies, she naturally absorbed the speech patterns and cadences that flowed from these mediums to her little ears. Fast forward to a life long captivation of mimicking beautiful accents and intriguing tones, Aure developed her fascination into an art form, a way to entertain, through voice acting. With an instinctive flair for passionate expression, and a background in creative writing, Aure brings characters to life, alluring audiences and making the listening experience unforgettable.