Vengeance | Podium Audio

The World of Eternis


Book 2

By: D.J. Dammeyer

Performed by: Daniel Thomas May

Released: October 03, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 0 min

After the loss of his friends and the girl he’d just begun to love, Valor turns his anger and pain fully upon the shadow council.
Follow him as he tears a bloody swath through the land, trying to get stronger and hold his grief in check long enough to rid the world of the corruption that has taken so much already.
As Valor becomes unstable and throws himself into increasingly dangerous situations, the Gods foresee his end. Desperate to avoid this, they enact a plan to save their champion. The Goddess Ether reaches across realms once more to select three new souls from Earth and bring them into the world of Eternis. Their task? Save Valor, then join together to help him save the world.
Barry, Josh, and Mary are given a second chance at life after an unfortunate car accident, but their new existence will be anything but peaceful. Thrown back in Eternis’ timeline, they’ll have to race against the clock to level up and get strong, reaching the Goddess’ chosen hero before he gets himself killed. To succeed, they’ll have to attain Legendary Classes all but wiped from Eternis’ history, learn unique skills, and risk even their new lives to get strong enough.
Can Valor hang on until help arrives? Can Barry, Josh, and Mary make it in time? Or is the King’s influence destined to spread unchecked across Eternis?
Vengeance contains classic gaming elements mixed with cultivation, body enhancement ideas, rune magic, shapeshifting, and summoning concepts. Enjoy!



D.J. Dammeyer

D.J. Dammeyer is originally from Ojai, a small artist community in Southern California, and currently lives in Brentwood, California. He's a school psychologist by profession, working with special needs kids to help them be more successful in school. His favorite genre to write is fantasy, and has recently branched out into writing children's books, combining his profession and his passion to make a self-help book for Elementary-age kids, with plans for more. Upcoming Fantasy Projects: The World of Eternis: Book 2: Vengeance Upcoming Children's Book Projects: Hexie, Wendel and Friends



Daniel Thomas May