Viking's Bride | Podium Audio

Called by a Viking

Viking’s Bride

Book 3

By: Mariah Stone

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 5 min

"She was his wife. She was his by law and before the gods. But he could not do anything to make her his in bed."
A mistaken identity. A forced marriage. A secret baby. When a pregnant woman escapes to the past, will she find love and passion in a vengeful Viking’s arms?
Chased by her violent mafioso boyfriend, pregnant Boston pediatrician Mia takes an insane offer to escape—into the past. Touching a Norn’s golden spindle, she is flung back in time to Norway, 874 AD, where a huge Viking mistakes her for his betrothed and carries her to his stronghold.
Hakon the Beast hungers for vengeance after the death of his parents. Step one of his plot: marry the king’s daughter. Step two: use his position to turn the king’s allies against him.
He vows to feel nothing for his bride. But the green-eyed beauty is impossible to resist. And with her gentle ways, the skilled healer is mending his wounded heart and looking past his gods-cursed appearance to uncover his true nature.
Mia dreads returning to her own time, where her unborn child will be in danger. And she longs to stay with the husband she has come to cherish. But when her true identity is revealed—along with her pregnancy—will Hakon cast her out or abandon vengeance to save the woman he loves?



Mariah Stone