Viking's Love | Podium Audio

Called by a Viking

Viking’s Love

Book 4

By: Mariah Stone

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 03 hr, 37 min

A time-traveling thief. A Viking warrior. She is his enemy. He is her captor. One night of passion could destroy them or set them both free.
Rachel will do anything to save her mother, even steal the money needed for her surgery. So when an old woman leaves a golden spindle on the Chicago’s Navy Pier, she grabs her prize—and is hurtled back in time to 874 AD. Awakening near a village in Norway, she finds chests of jewels and gold ripe for the picking… and a dreamy Viking warrior she’d rather kiss than rob.
Born a bastard, Viking warrior Kolbjorn’s only chance of acceptance into the jarl’s family is capturing the mysterious thief who raids their jewel chests—the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. A wild chase through the winter wilderness leads to a night trapped with his seductive captive, and desire flares hot enough to keep them both warm.
Kolbjorn’s honor and future are at stake. But turning Rachel over to his father for execution would destroy him. Will he let the thief he loves return to the twenty-first century or do his duty no matter the cost?



Mariah Stone