Vintage Crime | Podium Audio

Vintage Crime

By: Rebecca Gibb

Performed by: Susan Duerden

Released: October 10, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 46 min

How fakes, fraudsters, and grape crusaders have shaped the world of wine.
This novel take on the history of wine reveals that, whether by adding toxic sweeteners or passing off counterfeit bottles, wine fraud is abundant—and as old as wine itself. Vintage Crime will intrigue even the most sated of wine drinkers with its juicy tales of deception, raising interesting questions along the way: what counts as wine, why do we drink it, and what makes a wine truly authentic?
The world of wine prides itself on its aura of respectability, but it has always had a murky side. Packed with engaging vignettes, Vintage Crime brings to life famous enthusiasts and crafty con artists from ancient Rome to modern-day California. It also introduces us to lesser-known industry figures: the scrupulous merchants, honest growers, and cutting-edge scientists who have led the fight against fraudsters. Author Rebecca Gibb holds the rare, sought-after distinction of Master of Wine, yet she writes in an engaging style that doesn’t require any prior wine knowledge, skillfully synthesizing popular wine histories for amateur sleuths and armchair sommeliers alike.



Rebecca Gibb

Rebecca Gibb (; @rebeccagibb) is an award-winning wine journalist and the author of The Wines of New Zealand. Securing her first editorial role at UK wine trade magazine Harpers after being named UK Young Wine Writer of the Year in 2006, she has since edited several print and online publications. She is currently an editor with international wine publication Vinous, specialising in the wines of New Zealand and the Loire Valley. A history and politics graduate, Rebecca became one of only 382 Masters of Wine in the world in 2015. In a record class of 24 graduates, she was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Bollinger Medal in recognition of outstanding tasting ability. Her final-year research paper delved into the 1911 Champagne riots, and sparked a fascination with the history of wine fraud, which has led to the creation of Vintage Crime.



Susan Duerden