Wed to the Alien Hunter | Podium Audio

Accidental Alien Brides

Wed to the Alien Hunter

Book 7

By: January Bell

Performed by: Mason Lloyd

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 2 min

He’s as cold as ice, but I’m ready to make him melt.
I’m sick of being alone, sick of being ignored by my alien “husband,” Xade, and exhausted from always being as nice as possible. When the local alien wildlife starts rampaging, all I see is a golden opportunity to finally get some alone time with him on a mission, convince Xade to be my friend… and maybe more. Xade’s grumpy demeanor brings out another side of me, though, and I start to realize saying "no" is a skill I need to work on.
Our mission to uncover the mystery of what’s driving the alien dinosaurs out of control turns dangerous quickly. Xade and I are in over our heads, but at least we have each other. And in this case, our opposite personalities might make us the perfect team… something he’s starting to recognize, too.



January Bell

January Bell writes steamy sci-fi romance with a guaranteed happily ever after. Combining pure escapism, a little adventure, and a whole lotta love makes for romance that's a world apart. 



Mason Lloyd

Mason Lloyd is a prolific narrator of romance and erotica from the great Pacific Northwest. He does both solo narration and multiple-POV romance novels and stories in multiple sub-genres of romance and erotic fiction, including "bad boy"/MC romances, paranormal romances, "shifter" romances, and quite a long list of alien/SF romances.