Work for It | Podium Audio

Naiad Novels

Work for It

Book 1

By: Leila Burnes

Performed by: Jasmine El-Tenobi

Released: December 12, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 44 min

It’s business not-so-casual between them…
Selene Haddad works for Naiad Novels, the hottest serialized fiction app on the market, tasked with writing never-ending romance stories. It’s a dream job, minus one aspect of it—having to work alongside Daniel Santiago, the company’s disgustingly charming acquisitions manager… and the man who screwed her out of a massive payday.
Selene is certain nothing will ever change how she feels about Daniel, but when a dare at Naiad’s annual holiday party leads to them falling into bed together, she starts to discover that maybe he’s not so bad—if she can look past their professional differences.
She may have written it a thousand times, but even in real life, there’s a very thin line between love and hate.



Leila Burnes

Leila Burnes spent years ghostwriting romance novels before taking the plunge and writing a few of her own. Under other pen names, she has written everything from political thrillers to young adult satirical comedies to romantic suspense starring murderous frat boys. She doesn’t love sand but enjoys long walks on the beach, will never say no to a fancy little beverage, and would prefer to be sitting poolside in Palm Springs at any given moment.



Jasmine El-Tenobi