Wrecked But Not Ruined | Podium Audio

Spark of Hope

Wrecked But Not Ruined

Book 3

By: Nicole Dykes

Released: March 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 9 min

I had everything; I was going to college, having a blast, enjoying myself, and not taking much seriously. But then, two years ago, everything changed.
A car wreck destroyed my life. It sent me into a total tailspin. I walked away, even when everyone said I wouldn’t be able to.
But I haven’t recovered from it.
The only thing I have left is my best friend, but I’m sure he’ll give up on me soon. Even so, I can’t fight the truth: I’m irrevocably ruined.
College is coming to an end, and I couldn’t be happier to finally start my real life.
Ethan and I had plans..so many amazing plans. And then, everything changed. He was in a horrific wreck, but he miraculously survived. Except it took a piece of him.
I’ve tried to help him get it back. Tried to get him to go to a trauma support group and come back to me.
He thinks he’s broken, but I know the real Ethan is still there. The brave, outgoing man I’ve known my entire life, and I’m going to help him see the truth: that he can overcome this.
That he may have been a little wrecked, but he wasn’t ruined.



Nicole Dykes

Nicole Dykes is a wife and a professional assistant/mom to two gorgeous girls. Currently residing in Kansas, she’s a lover of coffee, Kansas City Chiefs, and all things romance. She writes contemporary, NA, and M/M romance because love is love is love. She enjoys cranking up the angst level regardless of genre or trope, making her readers cry, and turning those tears into the coffee that fuels her writing.