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The Dragon Generals

Zhulong and Bailong

Book 3

By: Maham Fatemi

Performed by: Jennifer Lim

Released: May 04, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 25 hr, 2 min

Dragon Generals 3- Zhulong + Bailong: May 4, 2021

Contains books four and five of The Dragon Generals series.


Huian is perfect in everything she does. Whether it’s archery, swordsmanship, intellect, beauty—she has mastered it all. One thing she doesn’t have, however, is free will. Betrothed to the heir of the Yao family, she has no choice but to marry the cold, distant, and unfeeling general. Having risen to the position of Zhulong, Yao Chenglei should be a perfect match for Huian. However, neither can stand the other.

When Huian is attacked by an ancient magic bent on killing her because of her lineage, Chenglei is dragged into her mess. Caught in a bloody battle between demons, Huian must discover the true meaning of her bloodline while also figuring out where Chenglei fits into her life. Demons, lust for power, and a dangerous romance—the path to Zhulong is drenched in blood.


Vengeance is something Xue Li, the only female general in the Huo empire, yearns for. She’s wild, bloodthirsty, and lives for the day she can fight the man who killed her family. Her sweet vengeance is just barely in her grasp when a conflicting complication arises: her brother is alive and has sided with the enemy.

All the more confusing is the White Dragon General, Xiong Yunxu, who offers to help her in her quest. The only problem is that he’s a slippery man with too much blood and deception on his hands. A man shrouded in mystery and secrecy, his heart is just as bloodless as hers. Siding with him is a double-edged blade — one that might fall on her head.

With the weight of the war on her shoulders, she has to choose between exacting her revenge, saving her brother, and her responsibilities as a general. Love is the furthest thing on her mind, but will it be the one to save her soul?



Maham Fatemi

Hi everyone! My name is Maham Fatemi and I'm a cat obsessed, romance loving, introverted reader/writer. When I'm not obsessing over my cats (I have four!), you can find me nose deep in a new cookbook or reading comics. I write primarily romance-fantasy stories, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember.



Jennifer Lim