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Zara Hampton-Brown

Fantasy, Romance, Dark, Contemporary, Why Choose/Reverse Harem, Paranormal

Zara Hampton-Brown is a London based audiobook narrator who lives and breathes all things romance, and is a hopeless romantic herself (she is married to her childhood sweetheart after all). She is consistently in the Bestseller lists on Audible, and enjoys nothing more than breathing life into a love story. 


TITLES FROM the Performer

Dragon Found

The Dragon Queen, Book 1

Reckless Lies

Rebels of Sandland, Book 4


Unperfect, Book 3


Unperfect, Book 2

Skeletal Hearts

Sabre Security, Book 2


Unperfect, Book 1

Corpse Roads

Sabre Security, Book 1

Monster’s Obsession

Fractured Minds

Rebels of Sandland, Book 3

Monster’s Temptation

Tortured Souls

Rebels of Sandland, Book 2

Renegade Hearts

Rebels of Sandland, Book 1

The Masks and the Dancer

Their Obsession, Book 2

The Dancer and the Masks

Their Obsession, Book 1

Daddy’s Angel

Forbidden Reads, Book 1