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The Light of the North Saga

A Forge of Frost

Book 3

By: J C Duncan

Performed by: Ulf Bjorklund

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 56 min

In the cruel, icy embrace of winter, the final battle for the soul of the north draws near.
Alternate history—1118 AD. Two armies went into the deep woods of southern Sweden. The forces of the Crusade, fresh from triumph and conquests, marched proud and confident into the forest under the blazing banner of the cross. The lords of the west, so close to victory, must first defeat the land, political rivals, and the winter itself to claim the rewards.
On the walls of Jönköping, the men of the north made their stand and held the Crusade at bay, paying the price in blood and the death of kinsmen. The Norse jarls, shaken and bloodied, must rally around their wounded and weakened king or choose an alternative path to cling to power.
As the icy grip of winter falls and the snow, mud, and blood bind the oath-sworn enemies together in a lethal contest, hopes of glory are cast aside in the desperate fight for survival. Two armies marched into the deep woods in winter. Only the Norns know who will emerge from the cruel embrace of the Frostforge.



J C Duncan

James Duncan has always been an avid reader of Historical Fiction and Fantasy, with a bit of sci-fi and apocalyptic fiction on the side. He always loved reading and the desire to write eventually became insurmountable when he finally felt he had a story worth telling. That story was the saga of Ljós a Norðan; The Light of the North, an epic alternate history of the end of the Viking era, a legendary warrior and the magical sword he supposedly wielded. Inspired by the Norse and Icelandic sagas, and rooted firmly in reality with a sprinkling of alternate history and mythology brought to life, the series explores a titanic and climactic clash of civilizations between the pagan raiding Norse, and the Christian nations of continental Europe. When he isn't writing or doing his full-time engineering job, James is happiest being an amateur bladesmith, forging knives in the shed he built in his garden. www.Jcduncan.co.uk DeleteEdit Add bio in new language



Ulf Bjorklund