Absolution | Podium Audio

The Last Roman


Book 3

By: B.K. Greenwood

Performed by: Peter Noble

Released: June 21, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 42 min

Redemption and Revenge: can they be one and the same?

Marcus Sempronius Gracchus, a soldier of Rome, has spent two thousand years cursed to walk the earth, but that journey may soon end.

He has secured the only weapon capable of stopping ultimate evil, but is he already too late? Will Thomas find the ancient seal and open the gates of hell, ushering in the end of times?

Find out in the explosive finale to The Last Roman series!

Includes bonus stories Impaled and Horns.



B.K. Greenwood

B.K. Greenwood lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and wolfpack of 4 rescue dogs. He loves to travel and has incorporated his experiences into his writing. B.K. enjoys works of fiction and nonfiction, with a heavy emphasis on history, adventure, and classics. His passion for history is on display in his debut novel, The Last Roman: Exile.



Peter Noble

A multiple Earphones Award-winning narrator, Peter Noble has recorded more than 300 audiobooks and audio dramas ? including Audible and New York Times bestsellers ? for an ever-growing list of clients. Born in South Africa, he grew up traveling, building up a collection of authentic dialects, and studied music and drama at the University of Cape Town, as well as at LAMDA and the Royal Academy of Music, in London. Peter is a brain injury survivor, and has a unique understanding of the music of language.